The Neverending Story – Jan 2020

Directed by Mimi Adams, Produced by Elisa Enriquez

Fri & Sat Jan 10-25 at 7:30pm
Sun Jan 12 & 19 at 2:30pm

Bastian is a lonely, bullied boy, longing for love and acceptance. He escapes to his school attic with The Neverending Story, a book he “borrowed” from a peculiar book shop. Atreyu is a young orphan longing to become a hunter among his people. He accepts the challenge of The Great Quest at the behest of an Empress he has never met. Fantastica is a land of wishes, dreams, and fantasies, ruled by The Childlike Empress and inhabited by fabulous and magical beings. It is being consumed by a growing malevolence known only as “The Nothing.” Together, can Bastian and Atreyu save Fantastica and embrace the heroes in their own hearts?