“Not Quite Right” Auditions

Auditions for the LALT September production of Not Quite Right, by E. Jarvik and R. Benjamin, will be held on July 10 (2:00 – 5:00 pm) and July 11 (7:00 – 9:00 pm) at the Performing Arts Center. Call backs will be July 14.     

Character Age Comment
Marty (#*) 58 quixotic; comedic; can speak in accents;
Carol (&) 56 Marty's wife; pragmatic
Andrew (*) 35 son of Tom & Sally
Jessica (*) 34 daughter of Marty & Carol
Tom 59 a bit autocratic; stolid
Sally 58 wants everyone to be happy

(*) Dance capability will be very valuable for actors auditioning for these roles.
(#) Ability to speak in French, German, British (high), Cockney, Latvian, and Hindi accents needed.
(&) Ability to speak high British accent

Performance Dates:
Dixon, NM , Sept. 5, preview performance;
LALT: Sept. 9, 10; 16, 17, 18 (matinee); 23, 24.

Copies of the script will be available for two day checkout at Mesa Public Library and at the White Rock Library (reference desk). Auditions will be closed, i.e., a private session between the director, staff and the auditioning actor. Audition material will be a presentation of one of the six monologues offered – male actors will present a monologue from the
Monologues for Men and women from the Monologues for Women. Copies of monologues are available at the libraries with the scripts – please make a copy of the monologue you wish to present and leave the original monologues with the script. Presentation of the monologue should be from memory for best dramatic presentation – memorized is strongly preferred, but you may read from the monologue script.