Script Call: Staged Readings

Do-it-yourself** stage-reading opportunity in Los Alamos.

Tired of bribing your friends with cookies to sit on your sofa and listen to your latest play? Then let our quirky townsfolk be your audience!  

What it is:
— The Los Alamos Little Theater invites submissions of plays to be read and scored by a committee
— We will select two plays, cialis sale inviting the playwright and their cast to town to present the show and have a talk-back afterward
— We will handle all local advertisement, and run minimal lights as needed for the show
— **Playwright will be responsible for driving up to our lovely plateau with readers, as rehearsed as you want them to be. But if you are unable to cast the show yourself in your home town, please submit anyway, letting us know that this is a stumbling block for you so we can revise our process for next year, and possibly we can cast it locally.
— The first play reading will be on October 1, 2016, and the second play will be read on a date in March that is yet to be decided
— There will be no payment, sorry, just a chance to dry-run your piece for an audience.

Submission instructions
— Only playwrights currently living in New Mexico will be considered this year
— Deadline of 15 August, 2016
— Full length pieces only (1-2 hours running time)
— We cannot consider musicals or TYA or children’s theater at this time
— No plays, please, that have had professional (i.e., actors off book in front of paying audience) productions or are published — this is because we are trying to offer an opportunity for NM playwrights with limited access to early play development. A play that’s been produced and/or published has likely already seen a few stages, but so many others are languishing in their authors’ hard drives, hoping to be heard and polished.
— Please send an email to with two (2) PDF file attachments as follows:
1. The blinded script (no author information anywhere on the script) as a PDF file
2. A cover page with play title and all author contact information.