Playreading – Neverwhere

Please come to the Performing Arts Center at 7 pm Tuesday, Sept. 26, for
an open play reading of “Neverwhere,” a rousing, eye-popping, modern urban
fairy tale.

Richard Mayhew leads a boring, rat-race of a life until the night he
rescues the wounded Lady Door on the streets of London. Richard’s selfless
act turns his life inside-out and leads him into the strange, shadowy
world of London Below, a kingdom of sewer tunnels and abandoned
Underground stations, home to the forgotten and discarded people of London
Above. Richard desperately wants his old life back, but first he needs to
help Door find out who wants her dead, and why. Along the way, he’ll meet
Earls and Marquises, Hunters and Blackfriars, and noble rats. He’ll face
the Great Beast of London and an angel named Islington. And in the end, he
may become the hero Below he could never be Above.

An adaptation by Robert Kauzlaric, based on Neil Gaiman’s modern classic,
“Neverwhere” is being proposed for performance at Los Alamos Little
Theatre in September 2018.