January 2005
Directed by Manuel Baca / Produced by Patrick Kelly
Choreography by Felicia Rider

Treacherous Villainy
Tom (TJ) Severinghaus and Sandra Ward
The Rich Folk
Courtney Lounsbury, Felicia Bone,
and Maureen Cafferty
  The Poor People
Azmat Bhatty,
Danielle Sedillo-Cafferty, and Becky Clay
The Sisters of St. Meade
Barbara Hoditschek, Wendy Kostora, Irene Zaugg,
Crystalyn Owen, Chrissie Arnpriester, and Janet Kellum
The Medieval Light Orchestra
Sheila Schiferl
Ye Olde Dance Troupe
Chuck Helma, Larry Marek, Joachim Birn, Tom Kunkle, Mike Lynch,
Mary Dugan, Michelle Donahue, Pallas Papin,
Peggy Sullivan, Becky Clay,
Lette Birn, Kandice Favorite, and Ann Mauzy
Ye Olde Management Team
Manuel Baca, Tami Martinson, and Patrick Kelly
Jeff Favorite, Vicky Kenamond,
Jeff Heath, and Cherie Goodenough

Produced by special arrangement with PIONEER DRAMA SERVICE, INC., Englewood, CO.