The Merry Wives of Windsor
by William Shakespeare

November 2004
Directed by Eric Bjorklund
Produced by Dennis Powell and Gwen Lewis

The Falstaff Gang
Larry Gibbons, Beth Wingate,
Dennis Powell, T.J. Severinghaus,
and Bruce Lamartine
  The Page Family
Danielle Sedillo-Cafferty, Taylor Engleman,
Todd Graves, Patti Stevenson-Brown,
and Carl Reisch
The Caius Household
Crystal Linkletter, Bill Lipscomb,
and Jennifer Wadsack
The Shallow Clan
Peter Hakel, Galen Gisler,
Rachel Brown, and Deborah Francisco
  The Ford Family
Sally Cassil, Courtney Lounsbury,
Grady Hughes, and Michael McKay
Gwen Lewis, Susan Gisler,
Marilee Bott, and Joe Rieken
Gwen Lewis, Chris Weaver,
Dennis Powell, Eric Bjorklund,
and Tamson Smith

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Program (PDF Format / 369 KB)