"8x10 Again" Short Play Festival

September 2008

Produced by Paul Lewis and Gwen Lewis


Duet for Bear and Dog by Sybil Rosen
        Directed by Gwen Lewis
        Pat Beck as Bear
        Pete Sandford as Dog
        Sally Cassil as She
        Shay Zukaitis as Woman
        John Gustafson as Man


  A Short Stretch in Aspen by David and Sheila Schiferl
        Directed by David Schiferl
        Don Monteith as Sheriff Will Ketchum
        Alison Mercer-Smith as Villain N. Ron Lyre
        Misa Cowee as Heroine Miss Melody Lyre
        Chris Kelley as Card Girl


Primitive Collection by Dianna Lewis
        Directed by Sally Cassil
        John Gustafson as Porter
        Shay Zukaitis as Lucy


  Trace Evidence by Jeff Stewart
        Directed by Dennis Powell
        Larry Gibbons as Hearst
        Andrew Green as Alan
        Eileen Green as Judi
        John Gustafson as Officer


Hoot by Pat Beck
        Directed by Sheryl Bailey-Heath
        Angela Shewmaker as Niecy
        Sheila Schiferl as Cynthia
        Shay Zukaitis as Jacey
        Pete Sandford as Chuck
        Nicholas Gurrola-Gal as Customer 1
        Iain May as Customer 2


  Ferris Wheel by Mary Miller
        Directed by Roxanne Tapia
        Corey New as John
        Alice Corrigan as Dorie


Second Coming by Jeff Stewart
        Directed by Alison Mercer-Smith
        Angela Shewmaker as Uriel
        Pat Beck as Raphael
        Andrew Green as Groundskeeper


  Fight Dreams by Alison Weiss
        Directed by Kaki Kelly
        Bev Pardon as Dinah
        Larry Gibbons as Bradley
        Gwen Lewis as Dr. Werman
        Sarah Michalak as Pharmacist
        Corey New as Julio