1940’s Radio Hour Auditions

Auditions for the LALT November production, The 1940’s Radio Hour, a musical by Walton Jones,  will be held at the Performing Arts Center on

Sunday August 14,  2-5pm
Monday August 15, 7-10pm
Call backs will be Friday August 19, 5-7pm

Please come prepared to sing something from the 1940’s Big Band era and to read some scenes from the script. Don’t forget your sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Scripts available for check out at Mesa Public Library on August 1st.  

Director: Laurie Tomlinson
Musical Director: Gretchen Amstutz
Producer: Elisa Enriquez

A different time is evoked in this marvelously theatrical and winning show, a live broadcast of a The Mutual Manhattan Variety Cavalcade from the Hotel Astor’s Algonquin Room on December 21, 1942. The spirit of that bygone era when the world was at war and pop music meant “Strike Up the Band” and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” (both are in this show) is accurately captured as the harassed producer copes with a drunk lead singer, the delivery boy who wants a chance in front of the mike, the second banana who dreams of singing a ballad, and the trumpet playing sound effects man who chooses a fighter plane over Glenn Miller.

Cast of Characters
10 male
5 female

Clifton Feddington: The announcer and general manager (head of everything at WOV Radio Station). He has ulcers from it all and is sometimes hysterical.

Ann Collier The ‘old standard’ in the Radio show since its start in 1936. She sings like Dinah Shore, Doris Day, and Peggy Lee (all rolled into one). She is a secretary by day, and at looker by night who is dating Johnny.

Johnny Cantone: Featured vocalist with the Cavalcade who is on Sinatra’s bandwagon. He’s an ex-boxer and a rough guy who drinks too much and has a voice like velvet.

Ginger Brooks: A bubble-headed waitress-turned-singer. She has a pinup, Betty Grable look with lots of makeup and speaks with a Gracie Allen vacancy.

Geneva Lee Browne: The southern Belle of WOV got her start in music at age 17 performing in local Swing ballrooms around the Atlanta area. A beautiful, high class, African-American singer.

Neal Tilden: Cab driver by day and singer, dancer, and choreographer at night. He is hopeful for the ‘featured vocalist’ slot.

B.J. Gibson: The third of the Gibson brothers to work for the Cavalcade. He is squeaky-clean, good looking, and a preppy student at Yale.

Connie Miller: A 17-year-old bobbysoxer from Ogden, Utah. She is perennially in love and runs an elevator by day.

Pops Bailey: A crotchety, wizened stage doorkeeper who is a racing bookie on the company phone and reads hidden copies of Show Girl magazine.

Lou Cohn: A big shot (at least in his own mind) who tries to impress the girls and is sometimes obnoxious. He runs the show and is the sound effects man.

Wally Ferguson: Young hopeful from Altoona, Pennsylvania who came to NYC to work for his uncle at the drugstore to get his big show-biz break.

Biff Baker: A young trumpet player with the Zoot Doubleman orchestra who will be leaving after the concert for Army duty.

Stanley: Lugs cable and runs around a lot and otherwise lives in the control booth.

Zoot Doubleman: WOV Orchestra Leader