Auditions for Neil Simon’s Rumors

This over-the-top farce is a non-stop romp of confusion, miscommunication and hilarity as an anniversary party goes awry when the host shoots himself, his wife goes missing, and the help is nowhere to be found.

Directed by Patrick Webb: 505-500-0248 or
Performances November 2-17, 2018

Auditions will be held at the Performing Arts Center, 1670 Nectar Street.
Friday, August 10 at 7 pm • Saturday, August 11 at 2 pm Friday, August 17 at 7 pm • Saturday, August 18 at 2 pm  Scripts available at Mesa Public Library.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and improvisational exercises. 10 characters: 4 men 4 women, 2 gender neutral.
Chris Gorman: Contract lawyer, and nervous ex-smoker.
Ken Gorman: Charley’s best friend and lawyer, also high-strung.
Claire Ganz: Socialite who enjoys gossip and possess a razor-sharp wit.
Lenny Ganz: Another lawyer with a bit of a temper, dislikes rumors but shares them anyway.
Cookie Cusack: Celebrity chef with a bad back and kind heart.
Ernie Cusack: Therapist to everyone, calm and a little patronizing.
Cassie Cooper: A new-age hippie and a senator’s wife, has a jealous streak.
Glenn Cooper: Self-involved politician, tries to please everyone, pleases no one, looks out for number one.
Officer Welch: Career cop who has seen it all
Officer Pudney: Welch’s backup, tireless companion.