2021-22 Season Announced

The Board of Directors is excited to present a full season!

September 2021: Director Mimi Adams brings us A Wrinkle in Time, based on the novel by Madeleine L’Engle and adapted for the stage by James Sie. From Stage Partners: One of literature’s most enduring young heroines, Meg Murry, is back — braces, stubbornness and all. Once again, she’s joining forces with Mrs. Whatsit, Charles Wallace, Calvin O’Keefe and more to battle the forces of evil so she can rescue her father, save humanity and find herself. In the end, we know two things for sure: 1. Love CAN overcome evil and 2. There IS such a thing as a tesseract.

November 2021: Linda Taylor directs the adult dramedy Things you Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight by Peter Ackerman. The New Yorker says “THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T SAY PAST MIDNIGHT: A COMEDY IN THREE BEDS is a contemporary sex farce you should see just as soon as you can—even though it’s bound to be around for quite some time. This riotously funny work is Peter Ackerman’s welcome debut as a playwright. …the hilarious dialogue just gets better and better, as the lines fly by like rapid-fire artillery.”

New Year’s Eve 2021: Join Linda Taylor and friends in an evening Variety Show complete with jokes, songs, friends, and laughter.

January 2022: Melodrama is back! Jim Sicilian directs the New Mexico Premiere of Boots, written by Stephanie Carr and Mark Watts from El Paso. Boots  is a comic melodrama set in a West Texas oil town.  When Boots Bar owner (Ana) dies of cancer, her helpful niece (Gaby) and wayward daughter, (Izzy) battle it out for control of the run-down nightspot.  Gaby’s friends come to her aid, but are they really helping?  And how does Charles (Izzy’s accountant) fit into the picture?  Join the fun as LALT revives the January Melodrama tradition, and bring your family — this melodrama is fit for all ages!

February 2022: Los Alamos Light Opera will present a Valentine’s Day fundraiser concert.  More information to follow.

March 2022: LALT welcomes Wendy Caldwell as she directs The Viewing Room, a Full Length Comedy by Mark Smith. The play is set in a funeral home in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It centers on a stern patriarch who has recently passed away only to re-awaken on the day of his wake to try and make amends with his very dysfunctional family. The play has been described as timeless due to its themes of reconciliation and family.

May 2022:  Gwen Lewis closes the season with Noël Coward’s timeless comedy Blithe Spirit.  A skeptical novelist, Charles Condomine, invites a self-proclaimed medium, Madame Arcati, to his home for a séance; hoping to gather material for a new book. When the hapless psychic accidentally summons the spirit of Condomine’s late wife, Elvira, his home and life are quickly turned into a shambles as his wife’s ghost torments both him and his new bride.