Blithe Spirit Play Reading & Auditions

Los Alamos Little Theatre announces a play reading and open auditions for its May 2022 production of Noel Coward’s classic comedy Blithe Spirit. The play will be directed by Gwen Lewis and produced by Terry Beery.

The play reading will be held on Wednesday February 9th at 7:00 pm at the Performing Arts Center, located at 1670 Nectar St. in Los Alamos. The public is invited.

Auditions will be held Friday February 11th at 7:00 pm and Saturday February 12th at 2:00 pm at the Performing Arts Center. Actors who are interested, but unable to attend either audition session, can contact the director Gwen Lewis at to make alternate arrangements.

Actors are asked to prepare a short ~1-2 minute monologue for the auditions showcasing their talents. The monologue does not have to be memorized. The audition will also include readings from Blithe Spirit. A copy of the script can be downloaded here: [script] Suggested monologues can be downloaded here: [monologues]

Masks are currently required in the Performing Arts Center. Actors who are cast will need to provide proof of Covid vaccination.

Synopsis: A skeptical novelist, Charles Condomine, invites a self-proclaimed medium, Madame Arcati, to his home for a séance; hoping to gather material for a new book. When the hapless psychic accidentally summons the spirit of Condomine’s late wife, Elvira, his home and life are quickly turned into a shambles as his wife’s ghost torments both him and his new bride.   Characters: 5 women, 2 men

Charles Condomine is a wealthy, successful novelist. In order to learn about the occult, the subject of his next book, he invites an eccentric medium to conduct a séance at his quiet country home in Kent.

Ruth Condomine is Charles’s second wife. She is charming, strong willed and obsessively curious about her husband’s relationship with his deceased first wife, Elvira.

Elvira is Charles Condomine’s deceased first wife. Flirtatious, conniving and catty, she uses every trick in the book to disrupt Charles’s current marriage and torment Ruth because she wants Charles all to herself.

Madame Arcati , the psychic, is the guest of honor at the Condomine’s country home. Eccentric, effusive and boisterous. (Physical comedy required.)

Edith is the Condomine’s new maid. She is nervous and tears around at break-neck speed trying to do things right and make a good impression.

Dr. George Bradman is a good friend of the Condomines. He is entirely skeptical of anything to do with the occult, but tries his utmost to go along with the proceedings for the sake of Charles’s research.

Violet Bradman is Dr. Bradman’s wife. Simple and naive, she is quite excited about being in the presence of the medium, whom she finds fascinating.