8x10s: 7 Come 11 Continues Through Jan. 21

Los Alamos Little Theatre’s evening of eight short plays continues through Jan. 21 with shows 7:30 pm Friday and Saturday and a 2 pm matinee Sunday, Jan. 15.
A review from the first weekend’s performance appeared in the Los Alamos Daily Post: https://ladailypost.com/dont-miss-lalts-eight-great-short-plays-8×10-7-come-11/
Situations presented in the plays include the modern hell known as a dinner party, doing a favor for a stranger that reveals a lost passion, the importance of choosing the correct tie, barbecuing shrimp amidst alien abduction, and riding a train along a path of quantum uncertainty.
The plays in the show, in order, are:
 — An Unusual Bird written by Vicki Meagher and directed by Jazmine Torres
 — Alphabet Soup written by John Gustafson and directed by Terry Beery
 — Aliens written by Stephanie Karr and Mark Watts and directed by Fred Berl
 — Gun Play written by Dale Dunn and directed by Jazmine Torres
 — All Aboard! written by Michael Burgan and directed by Kelly Dolejsi
 — Necktie written by Cunningham North and directed by Gloria Galassi
 — Tenth Circle of Hell written by Fred Berl
 — Sleeping Through Armageddon written by Tess Light and directed by Seona Zimmerman
Gun Play deals with themes of domestic violence and is intense, so it may not be appropriate for younger audience members or those for whom the subject might be upsetting.
Tickets — $20 General Admission and $15 for Seniors or Students — are available online at Event Brite and also may be purchased at the door.
The link for the online tickets is https://www.eventbrite.com/e/8x10s7-come-11-tickets-490206800737