8x10 Short Play Festival

September 2006
Produced by Gwen Lewis


Slings And Arrows by Dianna Lewis
        Directed by Roxanne Tapia
        Kathleen (Kaki) Kelly as Gertrude
        Jeff Favorite as Claudius
        Sally Cassil as Offstage Voice


  Dead Wright by Elaine Jarvik
        Directed by Wendy Kostora
        Eric Bjorklund as Bill
        Beverly Pardon as Penny


Working Out by Elaine Jarvik and Robert F. Benjamin
        Directed by Dave Schiferl
        Wendy Kostora as Betty
        Larry Brent Gibbons as Frank


  After You by Steven Dietz
        Directed by Dennis Powell
        Assistant Director, Todd Graves
        Angela Shewmaker as Amy
        Michael Dolejsi as Ben


Oz Italiano by Dan Gerrity
        Directed by Jennifer Wadsack
        Jeff Favorite as Teddy
        Roxanne Tapia as Woman
        Patrick MacDonald as Man


  Rain by Liam Lockhart
        Directed by Irene Zaugg
        Shay Zukaitis as Susan
        Michael Dolejsi as John


Gorilla Tactics by Robert F. Benjamin
        Directed by Sue Bargeloh
        Amanda White as Kim
        Eric Bjorklund as David


  Mesa by Moonlight by Elaine Jarvik and Robert F. Benjamin
        Directed by Louisa Gilani
        Paul Lewis as Marty
        Gwen Lewis as Carol