Van Choc Straw – Feb 2013

Van Choc Straw, by Mark Dunn

Directed by Mimi Adams, Produced by John Gustafson

An elderly woman, Althea, is selling her home to move in with her sister for health reasons. When a young man, Leif, comes to look at the house they find a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in the basement and, joined by a neighbor and later by Leif’s wife, they stay up all night in order to finish the puzzle. Through the course of the night, as the image in the puzzle slowly reveals itself, so do their lives, and by morning the gaps have been filled in and a new future emerges for all of them.

An abridged version of Van Choc Straw was LALT’s entry to AACTFest13 in
Los Alamos.